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So, I’m a huge fan of Seinfeld. I can annoy people with the several quotes and references I make to the show throughout conversations. To me, it just seems something happens in life that is exactly something that happened in a Seinfeld episode. I guess why they say Jerry Seinfeld is the king of observational humor. Although, I’m sure Larry David had a lot to do with it as well. I’ve found more and more episodes of Curb your Enthusiasm also duplicating my life.

I’m also a big fan of Breaking Bad. I just re-watched every episode on Netflix in preparation for the final 8 episodes. I’m so excited, I can’t wait, but I’m also saddened that this will be the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. Anyway, while re-watching Breaking Bad, I’ve noticed that several people in Breaking Bad have been on Seinfeld in some form or another. So, today, we’ll take a look at those characters.

WARNING… Spoilers below for both shows…

Bryan Cranston

Walter White – Breaking Bad

In Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston plays the main character, Walter White. He’s a High School Chemistry teacher that’s been diagnosed with cancer. He’s afraid he’s going to die, and leave his family with nothing. So, he decides to get together with a former student, Jessie Pinkman and start cooking crystal meth. At the beginning of the series Walter is very timid, and afraid of getting caught. Now, he’s become a drug-lord that tells people how it is. He’s probably one of the best anti-heroes since Tony Soprano.

“Say My Name”, “Heisenberg!”, “You’re God Damn Right!”.

Tim Whatley, DDS – Seinfeld

Tim Whatley, better known as Jerry’s dentist has appears on a few episodes of Seinfeld. Once he converts to Judaism. Jerry thinks it’s strictly to tell jokes of his former faith, Catholics, and now Jewish jokes. Jerry says, “If he applies for Polish citizenship, there’ll be no stopping him.”

In another episode Jerry goes to the dentist, he’s put under while Whatley operates. However, when Jerry wakes up, it appears Whatley and one of his assistants are getting dressed. Also, Jerry is concerned because when he wakes up from the gas, he realizes his shirt is suddenly untucked.

You know, I never realized that Bryan Cranston played this role until recently. It totally boggled my mind that I didn’t figure that one out.

TIM: I’m Jewish, you’re not a dentist. You have no idea what my people have been through.
JERRY: The Jews?
TIM: No, the dentists. You know, we have the highest suicide rate of any profession?
JERRY: Is that why it’s so hard to get an appointment?

Anna Gunn

Photo Credit:  Ben Leuner/AMC
Skyler White – Breaking Bad

Skyler is the loving wife of Walter White. She’ll do anything for him, when he had cancer. When she realized that he was selling meth to pay for treatments, she lied for him. She said that Walter has a gambling problem and that’s where all their money came from. With that “gambling money” they bought a car wash. Now Skyler is an accomplice, as she runs the car wash and launders the dirty drug money through it.

“Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family. ”

Amy – Seinfeld (The Glasses)

Amy was one of Jerry’s girlfriends. While George was shopping for new glasses at the eye doctor, Elaine is bitten by a dog. George goes out to confront him. George says he sees Amy making out with Jerry’s cousin, Jeffrey. Jerry is confused how he can see anything without any prescription glasses on. Jerry gets Amy to go to Jeffrey’s house, hoping to get her to confess to making out with him. Unfortunately, it backfires.

AMY: We’re going to the Paul Simon concert?
JERRY: That’s right, lady!
AMY: Oh what a great surprise!
JERRY: I thought you’d like that.
AMY: Oooh, so that’s why you’ve been acting so mysteriously.
JERRY: Now you know. That, and that alone, is the reason.
UNCLE LEO: You know Jeffrey’s favorite animal: the leopard.
AMY: Why is that?
UNCLE LEO: He likes the spots. Oh uh, here’s the tickets.
JERRY: Thank you.
UNCLE LEO: Oh uh, he asked me to give you a message. He said that uh he’s very sorry and uh he hopes you’ll forgive ’em.
JERRY: (To Amy:) Aha! So it’s true! You were making out with him!
AMY: What are you talking about, I don’t know Jeffrey. Oh so this is why you brought me up here?
JERRY: Oh very convincing, but it’s not gonna work this time.
UNCLE LEO: What are you talking about? All he meant was that he was sorry that the seats aren’t very good.
JERRY: Oh… oh… wanna get some pizza?

Bob Odenkirk

Saul Goodman – Breaking Bad

Saul Goodman is easily my favorite character. I’ve been a huge fan of Bob Odenkirk ever since Mr. Show. Anyway, in Breaking Bad, he plays one of those obnoxious lawyers that you see on every park bench. Not only does his have the crazy commercials and website, but he’s also a little shady. When Walter & Jessie hire him at one point to help them get a friend out of jail, he ends up being their full time lawyer. He’s able to get them hitman, meth distributors, and money laundering. Yes, he’s a man of many talents.

Walter White: How did everything get so screwed up?
Saul Goodman: Yeah, you do seem to have a little “shit creek” action going.
Saul Goodman: You know, FYI, you can buy a paddle.

Ben – Seinfeld (The Abstinence)

It’s always been one of Elaine’s dreams to be with a doctor. And well, she meets Ben. He’s a medical student that still hasn’t passed his boards yet. He’s taken it 3 times, and still hasn’t passed. So, in order to clear his brain, Elaine says that they should stop having sex. It gives Ben the edge making him smarter, but Elaine becomes a dummy. Jerry compares it to a garbage strike, and the trash bags are filling up in her head. When Ben finally becomes a doctor, he dumps Elaine saying that he always knew he’d dump whoever he’s with and find someone better. That’s the dream of being a doctor!

ELAINE: So do most doctors like ER or do you guys just think it’s fake?
BEN: I couldn’t tell you. You know, I’m not really a doctor.
ELAINE: Oh, yeah. And I’m not really attracted to you.
BEN: Well, I’m serious, Elaine. I went to medical school, but I still have to pass my licensing exam.
ELAINE: When do you take this exam?
BEN: I’ve taken it. Three times. I almost passed the last one.
ELAINE: Well, you’re basically a doctor. Right? I mean, people do call you doctor.
BEN: Well, um…
ELAINE: Well, can I introduce you as doctor?
BEN: Yeah.
ELAINE: All right, that’s all I wanted to know.

Jessica Hecht

Gretchen Schwartz – Breaking Bad

Jessica Hecht is probably best known as playing Susan; Ross’ ex-wifes girlfriend. In Breaking Bad she plays Gretchen Schwartz. Gretchen was Walter’s college lab assistant. Walter, Gretchen, and her husband Elliot started a pharmaceutical company called “Grey Matter”. Walter sold his part of the company for $5000 bucks. Years later, the company is worth billions! When Walter was lying about where money came from to pay for his cancer treatments, he told Skyler that the money came from Gretchen. Gretchen never told Skyler, but did tell Skyler that they couldn’t give them anymore money.

Lindsay – Seinfeld (The Gymnast & The Couch)

Lindsay is George’s girlfriend throughout 2 episodes. He’s in a book club with her. Their first book to read is “Breakfast at Tiffanys”. Sadly George doesn’t want to read the book. So, he decides to rent the movie. Unfortunately, they’re out of the video at the rental store. So, he makes his way over to a family’s house that rented that movie, barges in and watches it with them. Before he finishes, he spills some grape juice all over their couch.

In the other episode he’s at Lindsay’s parents house for a party, and Lindsay’s mother catches him eating an eclair out of the trash. Somehow he clears that up, but he ends up embarassing himself again, at another one of her parent’s get togethers. George has a thing for taking off his shirt when he uses the bathroom. Well, he forgets he did it and comes out of the bathroom into the get-together without a shirt on. He plays it off like he meant to do it.

GEORGE: Well, here we are.
LINDSAY: Do you want to come in? My mother’s having a little party.
GEORGE: Maybe I could just use the bathroom.

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