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In case you never knew, I have many things that I collect… women, money & beer! woo!! Err.. well not exactly. I’ve got an extensive can/bottle coozie collection that I’ve been working on recently. I also have about 80+ shot glasses that I’ve collected over the years. But, the biggest collection that I’ve collected off and on since I was 10 years old has been a Pez collection. Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge the image.

P7250681 P7250684

Now-a-days, I pick up a new dispenser here and there. The problem is, I have nowhere to display them. So, most of the time they all remained boxed up together. And since the climate changes from dry to humid the glue on the sealed dispensers don’t always remain sealed. I guess some collectors would call it sac religious for keeping my pez dispensers in a non-climate controlled environment.

P7250727 P7250723 P7250721

My collecting started back when I was about 10 or 11 years old. We were down at Disney World. We were taking a tour of the animation studio at Disney MGM Studios. Thats when I noticed one of the animators desk. They had about 30 or so pez dispensers sitting on their desk. I thought it was one of the coolest things ever. I thought, I don’t have much money, but pez dispensers are cheap, and an easy collection to start. And thats when I started collecting.

P7250725 P7250722 P7250726

I collected for a few years, but like any of my collections, it got shelved for a new hobby. It wasn’t until I was about 18-19 years old when I started collecting again. The reason why I started collecting again? Punk Rock! I started getting into punk music in the mid nineties. Well, there was a little punk/ska band called Less Than Jake, who I started getting into. One of the aspects of the band was they collect Pez dispensers! The drummer Vinnie was way into pez. They even named their first album, “Pezcore”.

P7250675 P7250685 P7250728

This gave me a resurgence to start collecting again. I met the band at a show in St. Louis, even shared some Pez with them. This also prompted me to go my first pez convention. Yes, that’s probably one of the nerdiest things a person can say. Queue the bar scene:

Greg: Hey baby..
Hot Chick: Hi..
Greg: So, have you ever been to a pez convention?
Hot Chick: Go Away, creep!

P7250710 P7250707 P7250714

I’ve actually been to 2 pez conventions. After that, I just kind of decided I wasn’t quite that into pez. It’s cool to go for a couple hours to check out any rare dispensers. But, going for a whole weekend, it’s just too much. I mean, there’s people way into the stuff. I like to collect the stuff, but I don’t think I would ever wear a sombrero with pez dispenser heads all around the brim. Seriously, I saw a woman wearing that.

P7250712 P7250698 P7250697

Since the late nineties / early 2000s, I haven’t collected as frequently. You see, when I was hard core collecting, they only put out a couple characters. It was very rare to see a new character. That’s why it was exciting when they put out Star Wars or Simpsons. Unfortunately, now Pez produces pretty much every character you can think of. You can find any pixar or dreamworks characters. From Wall-E to Madagascar, there’s just way too many.

P7250716 P7250694 P7250695

So, now, after all these years, I try to only collect the strange and obscure pez dispensers. Of course if there’s some characters that I’m excited about I’ll buy them. Last summer, I had to buy all the Batman collection. (unfortunately, I couldn’t find it to take a picture of it). But, if they were to make a set of pulp fiction or office space pez dispensers I’d be the first to buy em up.

P7250693 P7250692 P7250691 P7250689

Anyway, you’ve seen most of my collection so far, and well, most of the stuff that I showed you has been pretty normal, except for the body parts. Seeing Darth Vader in drag is kind of disturbing, but funny at the same time. So, now I’ll so you some of my favorites / obscure stuff.

P7250715 P7250720 P7250719

In the first picture, you’ll see my extensive collection of Halloween dispensers. I love halloween, so I must buy the new ones every year. In fact, the green guy in front, Mr. Ugly, can be found on ebay for $50 bucks. Wow! Speaking of holidays, I have a big collection of Christmas Pez, even a Christmas Pez ornament. But, that stuff is pack away with my Christmas stuff, and I don’t feel like getting that out in the middle of July, sorry.

In the second picture, It’s a bizarre Pez dispenser Pen that I found. It actually holds pez candy, lights up and writes, too! You look ridiculous in an office environment writing with this thing.

The third picture shows a couple of mini pez dispensers. General Mills gave them out inside their cereals. They aren’t quite as functional as a real dispenser. In fact, they only fit about half a pack of pez. I have the bee from Honey nut Cheerios & the Trix Rabbit.

P7250676 P7250678 P7250680

In the first & 2nd picture is an issue of the comic, The Tick. In this particular issue, The Tick goes into a supermarket looking for some Pez. I believe it’s also the issue that The Tick decides to scream the word, “spoon” every time he attacks a bad guy.

The 3rd picture shows 2 of my automatic looney tunes pez dispensers. When you press the button, Wiley Coyote pulls a pez out of the train, and Marvin the Martian pulls one out of the spaceship. Also in the picture is a Johnny Lightning car that was decorated with Pez decals.

P7250717 P7250706 P7250705

Picture #1: Here you see 3 rare “Jack in the Box” Pez dispensers. If you don’t have Jack in the Box restaurants near you, I’m sorry. 2 tacos for a buck there are so awesome. Anyway, my brother used to be a manager at one about 10 years ago. He was about to get me a bunch of these giveaways. He actually has a sealed one that is missing Jack’s hat. He won’t give it to me though. Apparently, he’s going to retire from it or something.

Picture #2: A sealed Pez Watch. Yes, it actually worked & dispensed Pez. I wanted to open this package so bad, but I’m glad I didn’t. On the back of the package has a picture of a teddy bear that actually poops pez. It was never made. The next thing in the picture is a furry pez dispenser. Yes, they actually made these too. It was just a regular dispenser with arms legs & fur. The third thing in the pic is one of the strangest things I’ve got. It’s a huge Ant Pez dispenser. But, it isn’t any pez dispenser. It was Pez Bubbles! You filled the reservoir with flavored liquid pez. The head has a bubble blower attached. You dip it in the pez liquid and blow bubbles. You then, eat the bubbles before they hit the ground.

Picture #3: Here we have an automatic pez dispenser, and another johnny lightning car, but this time it’s sealed. I actually bought 2 of these automatic dispensers, so I could play with one, and keep the other one. The one out of the package doesn’t work anymore. 🙁

P7250701 P7250729

Picture #1: Here you see another rare one. Pez gum! Yes, they made pez gum, and dispensers. They really weren’t dispensers. You couldn’t pull back the head to get some gum, it was more of a storage container for the gum, that you would open up the belly to get the gum.

Picture #2: I have no idea, I guess it’s just something I picked up at one of the Pez conventions.

Well, that’s it. Or, I guess I should say, that’s all I can find for now. I hope you enjoyed my collection of Pez dispensers. Even though, it may seem pretty excessive, I only have a little over 100 dispensers. So, any of the readers out there collect pez or anything strange?


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7 thoughts on “My Pez Collection

  1. Greg – I’ve been waiting for this post for a while! What a collection you have! The Star Wars dispensers are sweet! I have a small collection of some super hero dispensers and a few star wars ones. I also really like the PEZ dispensers that were released for Pirates of the Caribbean.

    BTW – Vinnie from Less Thank Jake is a Jersey boy!

  2. i dig the Disney MGM story.. strangely.. i’m almost 100% sure that’s still there.. – i’ve got the Muppet Babies dispensers.. – i was hoping you had the Super Mario and TMNT ones.. – i’lll see new ones occasionally.. almost got that squid-faced dudes from PotC at a grocer awhile back..

  3. Wow… people will collect anything won’t they? Just kidding…sort of. BTW how do you have room for all of your many collections? You either have a big house or don’t have a wife or girlfriend. Because I don’t think any woman (unless you pick her up at one of those conventions) would put up with storing all of that stuff. Just sayin….

  4. I have to admit, I was a Pez collector as well, but I have since turned my dispensers over to my kids who are carrying on with the collecting.

    You’ve got some pretty cool ones I haven’t seen before.

    Being from Canada, we tend to get different merchandise.

    Great Collection!

  5. i need to sell my star wars pez 1995 all 9 in the package if ur interested please text +1-914-598-8812 no low balls but i want these things gone thanks

  6. I’ve been collecting Pez dispensers when I got my first one when was 3yrs old. But my oldest ones are 1 dispenser from 1956 and one from 1961. I was born in 1970, and that makes 42 yrs of collecting. I went a couple years in chunks of time when I didn’t collect more than one a year if any. Currently I have found 260 pieces in my collection.( I just moved so my dispensers show up here and there in various boxes….lol…

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