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The last month, I’ve been seeing billboards talking about a new version of Bud Light, Bud Light Lime. They show the new bottle along with the simple words: Coming May 2008. Well, earlier this week, I got an email from Anheuser Busch saying it was out. So, I headed to the store to pick some up.


It comes in 6 & 12 packs of long neck bottles. Since, I’ve never tried it before, I thought I’d be safe and pick up a 6 pack in case it wasn’t any good. The box art is totally different than your normal Bud Light box, opting to use green instead of blue. They went all out to make it stand out between the red budweisers and the blue bud light boxes.


The bottle is very different than the normal Anheuser Busch bottle. AB always talks about light affecting the taste and life of a beer. That’s why they put all their beers in a brown bottle. I’m sure you’ve heard of the “brown bottle flu”. Anyway this is the only AB bottle that is in a clear bottle that I know of besides Michelob Golden draft, which is only available in select markets.

born on date

Anheuser Busch products are known for their “born on date” on all their beers. Even the beers they acquired like Rolling Rock contain the born on date. The born on date tells when the beer was made. A beer is good up to 110 days after the born on date. The weird thing is, there is no born on date on these bottles. I looked all over, on the box on the bottle, under the cap. It’s no where to be found. Very strange.

close up

As far as the taste goes: I must preface, I’m a fan of bud light, It’s the beer I most commonly order at the bar. The Bud Light lime doesn’t taste like bud light at all. It’s very smooth. I could probably easily drink a lot of these without even thinking. The lime is pretty powerful. It’s more than just a hint of lime. It’s a pretty good taste. If you like lime-aid, this is probably the beer for you.

empty bottle

After drinking one of these, I know this will probably be a pretty popular summertime drink. I think they are trying to market it more towards the women. If they only had a lemon brew too. Then you could mix them together and have Bud Light with Limon!

Drink up!

btw: There are 116 calories in Bud Light Lime, which is 6 more calories than a regular Bud Light.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 12 oz.
Amount per Serving
Calories 116
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 8g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Protein 0.9g

0 %
33 %
33 %
0 %
0 %
33 %

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18 thoughts on “Bud Light Lime

  1. Greg – I was doing research on this beer a week or so ago. I was trying to find out the nutritional info…and I did. It actually has more calories than bud light..I believe it has something like 116 calories! Whatever site I found it on compared this to the Miller Chill and that even had less than BL Lime. I was disappointed to say the least because I was looking forward to drinking this. I try to stick to Bud Select which is only 99 calories although it doesn’t seem to be carried at many bars so I have to go to the liquor store when I want it. It’s really good if you ever get the chance to try it.

  2. Jay- Stop being a fucking pussy and counting cal’s. Try acting like a man once in a while.

  3. I probably should get the lower calorie beers, but I don’t know if it’d really matter. If it’s only 100 calories and I drink 10, I doesn’t matter to much.. haha… 🙂

  4. I just tasted the new Bud light Lime—
    I love it!
    I was just wondering if anyone knows how many carbs are in 1 beer?

  5. On the carb factor I have seen many similar sites to this one saying 8 carbs, just copying from them, no actual info myself.

  6. Since when do grown ass “men” get on message forums and call calories “cal’s?”

  7. holy shit will your a riot. Anyway, I’m a fan of the BL lime. I like it much better than the miller chill. Rock on.

  8. It takes a real man to be conscientious as to how many calories he’s putting in to his gut. Which means Will more than likely can’t see his own feet when standing up. Come to think of it, he probably can’t even see them when he’s laying on his back.

  9. You have to be kidding me… Any man who wont drink a beer cause the calorie count should be shot. They shouldnt even have to list nutritional values on beer.

    Your drinking to enjoy drinking… shouldnt you watch your liver as much as you watch your love handles?

    Get a life

    I love BL Lime! SO much better then miller chill

  10. I found out something about the born on date the other day when I was on the AB Brewery tour. It turns out that Bud light lime uses the Julian Calendar for their born on date. If you look at the picture where the born on date should be you see the following numbers: 08098 DB83. So, in the particular case it’s 08098 which is Equal to April 7th, 2008.

  11. this beer is just as gay as any beer with fruit flavor if you don’t think so Rob drinks it that automatically makes it gay

  12. BL Lime has changed my taste of a good refreshing beer. I love it. It is the only beer I drink now. I turned my husband, mother and friends onto it. Now their beer of choice is BL Lime too!

  13. I am enjoying one right now and will most likely have a few more. Its awesome and it will be my beer of choice now.

    P.s. All you men make me laugh. truly you have entertained me with this thread thanx 😉

  14. I’m a Bud Light fan myself. I did have a chance to try these and I must say they are too sweet for my taste. Over 10 years ago, there was an alcoholic beverage marketed by AB, called Tequiza. It was supposed to be a tequila like (in flavor) beer. And Bud Light Lime tastes exactly like it. I’ll say the same thing I said when I tried Tequiza…It tastes like fizzy, alcoholic, liquid Trix.

  15. i love bud light lime but i dont like the fact that the born date is in some kind of Chinese i live in a small town and have to buy beer some times at the gas station that India ppl own i think my beer was skunk gross

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